New Menu Planning Strategy

There are 7 days in a week, right?

Here are our goals for meal planning, in no particular order:

1: Fish day
2: Vegetarian days
2: Freezer meals
1: Salad day
1: Crockpot meal
1: Hearty meat dinner
2: Fend For Yourself days
2: Batch meals

But that's 11 days! Oh noes! Let's see how that breaks down into a week. Remember, days are fluid but let's use them anyway for illustration purposes.

Monday: Vegetarian Batch Crockpot meal
Tuesday: Salad
Wednesday: FFYS
Thursday: Hearty Meat Batch Dinner--roast or crockpot
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Vegetarian Freezer Meal
Sunday: FFYS

That... was actually a lot harder than it looks. But I got all the requirements! I kind of want to put that goals chart above right onto my white board, so I don't forget what we're trying to accomplish--so I don't forget to plan meals that can be frozen easily, so I don't forget to schedule something to be pulled from the freezer. We'll see. Maybe I'll just write it out on a card that gets pulledout during our meeting. Hmmm...

What do you do to make sure your menu plans meets all your family's requirements?


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