Mornings & Insomnia: On the topic of making important mornings a little less brutal

Morning and I, we are not friends. We tolerate each other well enough, as long as we don't spend too much time together, but the earliest I'm willing to wake up without complaint seems to be about 9am. This pretty much means that the earliest I'm willing to make appointments or plans is noon, and that's kind of pushing it. I'd prefer to be waking up then.

That being said, for some reason when it comes to things like Celtic festivals and the like, waking up at 6am and out the door by 7am is a challenge but not a hardship. I usually pay for it, and two days in a row is nearly impossible, but it's worth it to walk through the dewy grass with a cup of coffee and the sound of bagpipes on the wind. 

Lately I've been having a terrific bout of insomnia that even melatonin can't touch. Especially when I try to go to bed at midnight because I have to drive Mr. Moon to work for 9am. Neither one of us wants to be up this early, and both of us had trouble falling asleep last night. This morning is a bit rough, to say the least.

After Mr. Moon crawled in bed last night, I grabbed the window crayons that I use for labeling glass kitchen containers. I sneaked off to the bathroom and wrote a cheerful "Good Morning!" on the mirror, a wonderful "I love you!" on the side wall of the shower (the one he would see immediately upon opening the curtain), and a badly-drawn Batman symbol on the back wall which he would be facing while standing under the hot water, desperately trying to wake up. No, you may not see pictures of my terrible Batman symbol.

The smile on his face this morning was worth the early wake-up call. Having left for his shower trying not to take his grump out on me, he came back still giggling and praising my awful Bat rendition. It definitely set him off on the right foot to start an early morning shift serving brunch, which he hasn't done in a good long while (and never at this job).

I was so glad to be able to do something to start his day off with a smile. For me, having quit habitual consumption of caffeine years ago, indulging in a little half-caf java on those awful, early mornings is enough to take the grump out of my morning. He's not a coffee drinker though, so I had to think of something else! I can just see myself sending my kids to school many, many years from now, and starting the school year off with mirror notes on their first days. It's a tradition I wouldn't mind starting sooner with such events as the first day at a new job, interviews, etc. All the big days where one needs a little boost in confidence. And there is something to be said for writing little notes to remind one's self to pick up an important notebook or remember the lunch in the fridge, when you know you're going to be leaving while still a little bleary-eyed.

Window crayons, dry/wet erase markers, sticky notes... whatever you use, take the opportunity to make someone's morning a little brighter tomorrow. You and your family are worth it!


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