Smile Time: Care Package from my Mommy came in!

I think she missed the memo that I was craving Dad's scones and my sister-in-law's Guinness Brownies. Oh, well, I am ever so grateful for what I did receive!

  • A t-shirt from the Summer Beer Festival in Depot Town's Riverside Park, Ypsilanti, Michigan.
  • A CD from one of my favorite traditional Scottish music artists, Carl Peterson.
  • Lightweight kilt socks in purple and green cotton, which feel absolutely delightful.
  • A book: 1001 ways to use, recycle, etc, average household items. 
Glancing through, I did see a few interesting points in the book, and I'm looking forward to reading it. This is right up my alley! Mr. Moon and I are considering the back of the shirt (shown here) to be a Bucket List of Michigan breweries that need touring, or at least visiting.

No beer or baked goods, but definitely items chosen with care and love.


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