July In Review

I've updated the running to-do list!

Completed projects crossed off (& highlighted to differentiate from the last update), new projects written in, incomplete projects moved to the bottoms of their sections for easier visibility.

July was a kicker, I tell you.
  • We started off getting ready for an Independence Day party, then recovering from same. 
  • Mr. Moon spent a lot of time interviewing then started yet another new job, this time with more promising income than the last. It's within biking distance and is accessible by bus with an hour commute (plus the mile walk tot he bus depot), so I'm still driving him most days just to have the extra 45 minutes of time in our day to get things accomplished. However, once we get his bike fixed he will be on his own to get to work--biking is free! Or at least only the cost of maintenance of which he can do most himself. 
  • Once that was settled we were getting ready for a week-long trip to Seattle when we discovered that the trip was ill-timed, due to a miscommunication in dates for the Boy Scout Camp at which Mr. Moon was intended to be volunteering. 
  • Instead we spent the week cleaning carpets, scrubbing walls, getting a bunch of deep cleaning done, getting a HUGE start on sorting things in the garage, and giving Mr. Moon extra time to train at his new job.
  • The last week has been preparation for a military dinner being held in our home, i.e. yet more deep cleaning, and me being so injured I couldn't move my right shoulder for 4 days.
  • Mr. Moon got to see Iron Maiden in concert! 
  • I finally got in to see a doctor!
  • We got to go on some dates! All low-key, but nice to get out of the house without spending a ton of money.
  • And of course, we got a bunch of stuff started or completed on our to-do list, linked above.
Whew! We're finally giving ourselves permission to take more time to relax, now that a lot of our initial major projects are completed. Fall will be a busy time of planting and harvesting, but even that's relaxing in its way.
What have you been working on these last few weeks? Is there a fall garden in your future? Giving yourself time to relax?


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