Menu Plan: Nov 11-18

After a long, busy week leading up to a very important birthday party, we are headed into a much calmer schedule this week. Next week we will be prepping for Thanksgiving, but it looks like Mr. Moon is coming down with a cold so the focus is all on comfort foods and resting for now. Just in time for the 'Rents to go on vacation, so we get some time to ourselves. I'm looking forward to a little break in routine!

Without further ado, the menu plan for the week!

Breakfasts: Smoothies and bagels, maybe some cottage cheese and pineapple.

Lunches: Finishing off the pasta salad from last week and using up the odds and ends of stuff we have around.

Monday: Steak. Of some kind. For date night. I'm thinking fajitas sounds good. [freezer; meat; date night]

Tuesday: Cheddar broccoli soup, bumped from last week. The broccoli has fared well since being prepped for it, and we otherwise have all the ingredients on hand. I suspect Mr. Moon will enjoy a nice comforting soup to ease his chest congestion. [vegetarian; scratch]

Wednesday: Tikka Masala. I've been craving Indian food, this is my ultimate favorite dish, and I'd like to make and freeze some masala sauce for the future. I keep randomly wanting it but it's $5 per jar! And no wonder, the recipes I found seemed like a lot of ingredients and a little time-intensive. [chicken; batch; crockpot]

Thursday: On Your Own night. There's split pea soup in the freezer for mum and pops to have a nice home-cooked, low-intensity meal. Mr. Moon has a serving of chili saved up, and there should be just enough extra to steal a scoop for me to have the chili dogs I've been craving. [OYO; freezer]

Friday: Slumgullion. My mom has a recipe her mom gave to her, and I've tweaked it along the way for some better ingredients. Campbell's no longer has high fructose corn syrup in their cream of mushroom soup, so I'm going to cheat and use that, although I've made it with a nice home-made from scratch option before. The method for this recipe is even more important than the ingredients. Mr. Moon loves it, and I've craving a taste of home. [meat; family recipes]

Saturday: Salmon & Rice casserole. Mr. Moon works, but I didn't want another crockpot meal on the menu. So we needed something we could prep ahead and either Mum or myself could throw in the oven whenever she and Pops are ready for dinner, which also allows Mr. Moon and myself to customize our own casseroles with our own ingredients as desired. I'm thinking I'm going for herb & mustard salmon, he's thinking about a teriyaki option, and we will probably stick with a more traditional butter lemon dill topping for the 'Rents. [fish; rice; casserole]

Sunday: On Your Own night. I'm making pork ribs and Mr. Moon is probably finishing off some leftovers. [OYO; meat; freezer]


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