Recipe: Breakfast Hash Brown crockpot casserole

Here's another "tweaked from Pinterest" recipe, though I haven't made it yet. I'll be making this on Sunday and will report back (with pictures if I'm not too sleepy to remember!) with results. But the idea is such:

Friday/Early saturday: 
Shred potatoes. Soak in salt water until ready to assemble to reduce browning.
Dice onions, maybe some bell peppers and mushrooms, bacon, whatever looks good.
Brown any meat going in.

Saturday, right before bed (ish):
Drain potatoes. Put in crockpot.
Mix in any veggies and meat.
Layer with a can of cream of mushroom soup, and a cup of milk (maybe I should mix this up?).
Top with shredded cheddar cheese.
Turn on crockpot to low, cook for about 8 hours.

Turn off, wrap in towel and/or put in thermal bag, take to Football Brunch. Serve and enjoy.
I suppose we shall see how it goes, eh? Are you using Pinterest for any good dishes lately?


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