Eats & Treats: Delicious curry/stir fry!

I had been craving spicy tofu for a couple weeks, and a Facebook friend suggested red curry sauce as my flavoring. Originally I had intended to get some sauce in a jar and move on, but nothing at the store looked that great in the ingredients besides a red curry paste. Knowing I had coconut milk at home, I decided that was easy enough.

 Delicious veggies! Onion, garlic, bell peppers, and kale strips. 

Brown rice, boiling via pasta-method which cuts about 1/3 off the cooking time and comes out a lot nicer, not as soggy.
After adding the tofu cubes, but my pan was too full to sear them like I wanted. Next time, sear separately! Still, doesn't this look fantastic??

Tossed in a good tablespoon or two of red curry paste, which was nowhere near as spicy as I wanted. Coconut milk, too much peanut butter (though Mr. Moon would have liked more) and sriracha. I think this came out too much like peanut sauce, not enough red curry flavor. I've always joked that I'm an amazing cook--I don't always get what I set out to make,  but what I get is (almost) always delicious. (Ahem, we will just ignore that first attempt at stir fry 6 years ago...)

Delicious bowls of delicious tofu! Totally hit the spot.


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