Eats & Treats: Weekly Menu

Wondering where this week's menu entry is? Me too!

Mr. Moon started a new job* and having a Monday thru Sunday menu plan isn't going to work for us anymore. He doesn't even get his Friday through Sunday work schedule until Tuesday. We have a couple meals planned to use up ingredients through Wednesday, and then we start our menu plan with a Thursday thru Wednesday week from there on out. I don't know if I'll be able to participate in Menu Plan Monday anymore, but I'll find out!

The menu board looks so empty!
Yes, that is in fact a re-visit of butternut lentil soup 
that didn't get made last week. Why do you ask?

* The new job is at a local movie theater with a restaurant and wine bar. Pro: 3 mile commute. Con: Completely unpredictable scheduling, and thus unpredictable income. Still, it's a nice respite from me driving 120 miles a day, and I'm already noticing a lot less stiffness after a week of not having to make that commute. We decided to give it two solid weeks, and then discuss whether it would work long-term.
Any major changes happening in your lives lately?


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