Eats & Treats: June 14-20

Nothing exciting this week, really. Mr. Moon was in a car accident last weekend, and so we are keeping our cooking efforts fairly light this week. While we picked menu items that involve mostly things we already have on hand, and Mum & Pops are out of town for two days for a funeral (unrelated to the car crash BTW), it just so happens that we are starting to run low on a number of our staple items and we have a lot of sale items we liked this week to fold into our menu, so we have a HUGE shopping list.

I'm back to only planning my own lunches, because apparently no one else has an issue deciding what they want on any given day. Less work for me!

Of course, Father's Day needs to be something special and we know Pops wants steak, but with Mr. Moon working we are celebrating Monday when he will be home to cook the steaks on the BBQ. These are some awesome steaks, I tell ya. Local, hormone-free (well, no added ones anyway) and delicious. Plus, I was too tired after shopping to package them properly for freezer storage, so we need to use them sooner rather than later.

All in all, a not-busy or -exciting week.


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