I am Not a Baker: The day I didn't screw up cobbler

That's as far as I got before I panicked and begging for help. My brother was kind enough to tear himself away from burlesque dancers (well, for seconds at a time since he was texting me) to help me talk myself through this.

But doesn't this pile of nectarines and rhubarb look delicious?? Brother assured me that I could use my porcelain-covered cast iron pan safely, told me what temp to use since I didn't have a recipe (box said 450 for biscuits but no cobbler recipe, he said 425? Was going to turn up to 450 but forgot so I stuck to 425) and said my recipe as I remembered from watching my aunt last summer sounded good, so I dumped in the fruit, took a deep breath and jumped in head first.

Ingredients all assembled. Biscuit dough all mixed up with a little extra milk (because there's never enough liquid to even mix it all together by the recipe--it says 2/3 cup, but 1 cup is too much, just fair warning). One cup boiling water. One cup sugar.

I drizzled the biscuit dough over the fruit. Took one handful of about 1/4 cup of sugar and sprinkled it over the dough and along the edges where I could still see fruit. Since that amount looked like WAY too much to me and covered everything, I didn't even use the rest of the sugar. Then poured on boiling water.
 SUPER blurry picture, entering the oven. 

45 minutes later...

Not too sweet, with a nice crunchy top with fluffy cobbler dough underneath and gooey fruit. Mmmmmmmmmm MM!


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