Eats & Treats: Weekly Dinner Menu returns!

Well, that was a fun hiatus! Over the next few days you will be totally updated on what's been going on at Chez Moon. In the meantime, let's look forward to dinners and to-do's this week!

As you know, our "week" begins on Thursday. Mum requested tacos, and we had everything in the house for them but shells. Plus, twist my arm! I love tex-mex!

She also requested spaghetti. I love how within hours of writing the menu I was already changing it, before I even got a picture to post. That's why I use dry-erase to begin with, the flexibility, but admittedly I rarely actually write in changes because they're usually last-minute ones.

Crockpot Soup made me laugh, we just had a bunch of produce in the fridge needing used up from over-purchasing the week before we went camping PLUS people backing out of the camping trip last-minute. Ultimately, I probably didn't need to switch days, because both this and spaghetti were using up a bunch of that produce for the crockpot, but I wanted the broccoli used up and that just doesn't taste good with tomatoes! I ended up making a broccoli cheese soup by adding cheese-sauce powder we bought in bulk, and a little milk. Mmmmm smells good so far!

Tamales has been a running joke in this house. We bought half a case of them and they're great for meals ready in 2 minutes, but I keep wanting to put them in a casserole dish with some enchilada sauce and a bunch of veggies and cheese.

Pops got a great deal on pork roasts while we were camping, so I'm pretty excited to get one of those into the oven and slow-roast it for some pulled pork perfection. For about 6 months now I've been craving a super-mustardy pulled pork sandwich with aioli and something pickled, but just haven't gotten the pork roasts to do it. Definitely need to pick up some ciabatta rolls for that!

Tuesday we're having a little get-together potluck BBQ thing, hopefully it will be a good time. I'm looking forward to blueberry cobbler now that I have my cobbler recipe pretty well down! The biggest thing seems to be thinking seriously about the water content of my fruits.

Ah, good old leftovers. Honestly, I'm not even sure if we will have much of any this week, but when we don't it means we tap into some of our TV dinners and such that are still stashed for OhShit! meals.
To-Do List
I'm learning lately to try to divorce myself from the idea that all of this will get done. But I need to start marking with stars or something the things that are imperative. It IS working to write an X on the days that really are just too busy to expect anything done beyond the daily dishes, because when I leave it blank it tempts me to write things in without thinking about what our schedule looks like.

Mr. Moon likes to see things erased or crossed off on these lists, so we started crossing them off and re-arranging things as we don't get them done. I DO need to get sweeping and vacuuming on some sort of rotation, so that sweeping & mopping gets done at least every other day and the vacuuming at least once a week. I ultimately prefer being able to walk around barefoot in my own house, and I can't do that when I don't trust the floors.

We are certainly easing back into project mode though, since his accident and then the busi-ness that is prepping and recovering from a camping trip.
I'm really looking forward to July, what about you? Any exciting menu plans in the works!


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