Eats & Treats: Mango Chicken & Rice

VERY interesting dinner tonight. One of those "toss shit in and see what happens" meals, although it's been on the menu plan for three weeks now and kept getting bumped.

Brown rice (2 cups) mixed with walnuts and chopped apricot, topped with chicken (seasoned with onion powder, garlic powder, yellow curry powder, and black pepper) and a bottle of Tropical Mango Vinaigrette dumped on top (and enough water to make the rice). Cook at 350 in the dutch oven until the rice is done, which dear heavens took 2+ hours. Could have gone up to 400 and been much faster.

The dressing isn't sweetened with anything other than apple juice and obviously mango, but I think I still expected it to be a lot sweeter. I put on easily 2 tbls of curry powder but it's only a light flavor--possibly an old bottle, but moreso I think I always greatly underestimate how much to use because I hate when it's overwhelmingly yellow-curry flavored.

It needed veggies. But yesterday's dinner was all veggies and well, suffice it to say, I think all of us needed a break. Ahem. So I didn't worry about it too much since I couldn't think of anything to put with it. Mr. Moon doesn't like coconut flavor much, though coconut sauces are usually fine and I think this would have been amazing with some of that mixed in with the rice to cook.

However, we have leftovers! And it makes me want to take yesterday's leftover kale & chickpea soup, mix it with today's leftover not-as-mangoey chicken & rice, add some tofu and red curry paste, and see what happens.
Any exciting meals you've made that didn't quite turn out the way you expected? Bits of leftovers you want to combine for something totally rad?


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