Lesson Learned: Roof replacement

The 'Rents just got the roof replaced on their house. Mr. Moon and I weren't terribly involved in the process, so not a lot learned there (besides the necessity of reading the contracts in full before purchasing, which frankly isn't a mistake I would have made--not reading them being the mistake, that is).

But one thing I did learn is this: The garden needs to be covered.

Yeah, you know that nice vegetable garden I've been taking such pains to keep free of non-edible substances? It's now covered in shingle grains. They put down tarps to collect the shingles as they threw them off the roof, but they didn't put them down to protect the gardens, and then promptly threw a bunch of shingles into the gardens, missing their tarps entirely. The flowers, fine, whatever, but MY FOOD, PEOPLE!!!

Lesson learned. Sunk cost. Moving on. :(


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