Squares: Because I needed something to make me smile today

I slipped on a wet spot on the floor yesterday and watched 4.5 hours of the olympics opening ceremonies in a less than stellar seat with no headrest, so today I'm nursing a whopper of a sore neck and hip. Let's just say, boredom has set in.

I came across this brain teaser to count how many squares there are in this set of squares. A couple things to mention:

* I did not make colors to account for colorblindness, something which I really should have done but I was just doing this for myself and the options I had were limited and the next thing I knew it was getting published.

* Forgive the not-quite-square-ness of this, just deal with it, you get the idea.

* I have no idea why this is opposite, it's not like that in the photo that got selected for upload! 

So, the blank one.

17: 8 purple, 8 green, and their 4x4 perimeter friend.
10: 2 green, and the 4 inside each. [Total: 27]

4: 2 green, 2 purple [Total: 31]

4, all the same size as the pink one [Total: 35]

5, all the same size as the teal one [Total: 40]

So I'm getting a total of 40. What about you?


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