31 days of Dinner #11 & 12: Skipped & Tacos

Thursday night I didn't end up eating or even drinking anything for dinner. Nothing much to say about it, really. It was a delicious home-cooked meal of nothing. Friday, however, was a different story.

The "dinner" menu had pineapple salmon and pasta roni on it. For all intents and purposes, that was lunch, and I didn't even eat it. I had a little pasta roni with green beans, but wasn't much interested in the pineapple salmon even if I'd had an appetite.

Later in the evening, Mr. Moon and I had a friend come over for movie night, and she came bearing tacos! Yum, tacos. There's a delightful tex-mex restaurant in Seattle's University District that is open 24 hours, and Mr. Moon and I would eat there sometimes if he got off work late, since it was on the way home. I have many a fond memory of picking him up from work, stopping by Memo's for take-out, going home, putting the food on plates, and watching an episode of TV to wind down before bed. When we moved away, it's definitely one of the places we knew we would miss.

One day I realized late at night on the local main road that tucked behind a Taco Bell was a 24 hour mexican restaurant. It just so happens their food tastes exactly like Memo's, and they are also open 24 hours. All the flavor, none of the drunk college students. When our friend said she was coming over and hoping to find tacos, I knew right where to send her. She was kind enough to grab me a couple pork tacos for the referral.

Seems like a legitimate finder's fee, yes?

Tomorrow it's back to home cooked scratch meals. Mr. Moon has a late night at work and I'll be happy to have food for him in the crockpot when he gets home.


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