The Laundry Day Saga

You know how last week I mentioned that we managed to keep up on the laundry while we did it?

This week... not so much.

I think the football game got away from us, and then we suddenly scored free firewood from Freecycle that ended up being a debacle and the next thing I knew... well, Mr. Moon needed to vacuum and I needed to get things off the floor for that to happen and to get to the washer & dryer so I could wash a load of towels and that's how at 11pm last night I ended up with this pile on my bed waiting to be folded.
Of course what better time to be re-arranging closet shelves, right? Because clearly I needed space to put away the sweaters I was about to fold. And that's how I ended up folding clothes until midnight and then sitting down out of boredom, frustration and tiredness, watching Mr. Moon fold laundry while I blogged about dinner.

I really WANT to figure out what it is about laundry that gets to me. I know a LOT of it has to do with the pain I get in my shoulders and arms from such repetitive motion. And the standing in one spot that kills my legs and exhausts me for days. But there's some sort of mental block about getting laundry done that I've just never broken through. I did fine when I was stuck at the laundry mat until it was all done, but even then I still brought a lot home unfolded half the time!

What's your laundry routine? Do you let it build up into a monster requiring a mighty quest, or do you manage to keep it under control with regular skirmishes? 


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