Menu: Oct 14-21

It seems like a busy week, but really it's just kind of normal this week. Three shifts for Mr. Moon, who is biking to work every day now to save on gas. Date night on Wednesday, baking cookies and watching Arrow. May or may not be having guests over for dinner on Thursday for the Seahawks game. Hoping to get a few people over on Sunday to put them to work in the garden for an hour since there's no Seahawks game during our normal Sunday brunch time. We had a request for a vegan brunch, so we're going to try it--but if the vegan who requested it isn't coming, you betcha I'm not going to fuss over it.

Breakfasts this week are beans & rice topped with eggs, and yogurt parfaits. I'll have to make yogurt for that tomorrow, or else switch to smoothies to use up the runny yogurt in the freezer.

Lunches are a cobb salad on swiss chard, tortellini pasta salad, and mexican (chippy dippy or quesadillas as the mood strikes). Assuming we have vegan brunch on Sunday, I'm going to make a homemade tomato soup. Or failing that, there will be enough chili left over from the night before to share with everyone.

Monday: Broccoli Mac & Cheese! The last of the pre-made ones from the freezer.

Tuesday: Pops is eating out, and Mr. Moon works that night, so the rest of us are having lamb stew in the crockpot.

Wednesday: Date night! Mr. Moon is making me his special chicken with a side of rice (need some sort of veggie with it), and Mum & Pops are going to make split pea soup to use up the ham from late last week.

Thursday: Possibly guests for the football game, we needed to make sure the menu was easily expandable on a few hours' notice. Hamburgers for Mr. Moon and myself, salmon burgers for Mum & Pops, and I'll make baked beans in the crockpot. I'll have everyone else bring their own burgers and a side dish to pass.

Friday: On Your Own night. Mum & Pops are having salad, I'm using up a haggis I've got hanging out in the freezer.

Saturday: Crockpot chili and corn bread. My chili is vegan, I usually make a batch of taco meat and freeze it in individual serving sizes which can be heated up in the bowl and the chili mixed into it. That way Pops can have vegan chili, Mum doesn't get too much red meat that she doesn't like much of, and I can have meaty chili. This time around though I'm adding a hot dog for myself. And of course, can't go wrong making corn bread to go with!

Sunday: On Your Own night. I know there will be leftovers, so it's just best to get them used up. Failing that, there are always some Oh Shit meals in the freezer.

How did we do on our goals?

  • 2 vegetarian dinners: Check!
  • 2 freezer meals: 4 total, check!
  • 2 batch meals for the freezer: Check! (Chili and split pea soup)
  • 2 On Your Own days: Check! Sort of. We usually just let Mum & Pops decide that day what they want but mum requested salad and split pea separate from Mr. Moon and myself so I count them as OYO days. 
  • 1 fish day: Check!
  • 1 salad day: Check!
  • 1 crockpot meal: Check x 2!
  • 1 meat-based dinner: FAIL. Pops is going to end up with meat at least twice this week, although the split pea and ham is light on the meat. Could be worse. Could be last week!
Now I just need to check the grocery lists and make a food prep list so I don't end up with the same debacle of the un-cooked squash again this week!

Need some menu ideas? I'm linking up at for Menu Plan Monday!

What's on your menu this week?


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