31 days of Dinner # 9: Baked Potato Soup

This turned out very nicely! Not healthy, but delicious.

In a smallish crockpot:

2 cups mashed potato flakes
2 medium waxy potatoes, diced
enough broth (chicken broth or, in this case, corned beef liquid) to fill to 1 inch below the rim
1 onion, diced & sauteed

Cook for 4 (high) to 8 hours (low). It was probably done at 6 hours, but definitely wonderful at 8.

Top with:
Shredded cheese
sour cream
bacon bits (or homemade ones)

Mr. Moon loved it! Mine didn't have bacon bits, and I'm not a carby person (despite the menu this week) so I had a small bowl and some cottage cheese with pineapple. It was the end of the container so I didn't even bother dirtying another dish. Eating right out of the container, because I'm classy like that.


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