31 days of dinner #4: Quesadilla

Thursday was a wild day. We picked up some dirt from freecycle to help fill in some of these lackluster garden beds that are full of rocks, and Mr. Moon ended up working wayyyy longer than expected trying to get the TV schedule done for the bar. Wouldn't have taken so long if we'd been doing it the way I thought to begin with, but his boss had an idea that SOUNDED good in theory until we found it didn't work in practice and had already committed over an hour to doing it that way. Ah, well. Life goes on, and I got a burger and beer for lunch for helping out.

It was a BIG burger and we weren't interested in even having date night, let alone making Mr. Moon's special chicken dish, so we postponed. I was peckish at bedtime so Mr. Moon made me a quesadilla!

I ate half and shared with him, I was getting so sleepy I couldn't even eat. And that's how I ended up not posting about it last night. But it was exactly what I needed when I needed it, fast and tasty, and that's what matters. Even faster since we thought ahead and grated a bag of cheese for the week. I save calories and carbs by not buying the pre-shredded cheese in a bag that's covered in starch t keep it from sticking, and also save $2/pound buying it in blocks and shredding it myself. I hate shredding cheese, but Mr. Moon doesn't mind, and when we have large amounts to do we just use the Kitchenaid with the shredder attachment and it's done in a jiffy.

Speaking of Jiffy, and specifically Jiffy Corn Bread mix that is made in my home state, I've been craving chili but Mr. Moon deemed it too hot (and not enough freezer space) to make a batch this week.  Now I'm torn because my family has had a tradition for as long as I can remember of having chili for Halloween dinner. I know I didn't do it last year because of our party, and this year I can't reasonably do it because we'll be out of town. So I can't decide if I should just make chili next week and be happy with it, or put it off until Halloween week anyway. Life's full of tough choices.


  1. Do you need some Jiffy corn muffin mix? I can send!


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